The Olympia Prep Guarantee

We understand that from the outside looking in, prep courses all can look similar.  How can you tell the difference?  We can talk all day about our score improvements, how we give you up to 10 hours of tutoring free with every program, our great curriculum, our resources, our track record, blah, blah, blah.  But let’s put our money where our mouth is:

  • 4 Point Guarantee:  We average more than 4 points per student that graduates this program.  We’d like you to get at least this much improvement and will keep providing free resources until you go up 4 points or more!
  • Improve your score or get your money back.  All of it!
  • Love your instructor or switch to another one for free
  • If you still feel unprepared after completing a full class, take another one for free.


The things you have to do to qualify for this guarantee are pretty obvious; things like show up to class, take the practice tests, do the small amount of homework it takes to succeed, commit to our foundation program and custom study plan program, and we feel certain that you will never have to use this guarantee.  Still, it’s here for you.  Learn more about these promises and how we use policies to live out our values here.