A Curriculum That Works

curriculum_newOlympia Prep takes pride in its unique approach to tackling the ACT.  Every single Olympia Prep student will get one-on-one attention. We have found that this extra bit of personal help is the most important factor in solving those remaining problem areas. Not only does this maximize score improvements, but it also has the added benefit of allowing every student to connect with their instructor. The benefits of developing this relationship last much longer than just the length of an ACT course. Other important aspects of our curriculum are outlined below.

Curriculum Created Just for You

It’s easy for a test prep company to say their curriculum is “customized” to each student.  But what does that really mean?  At Olympia Prep, that means we are using real data from your test results to create new curriculum that focuses just on your weaknesses.  Missed the most questions in the English section on questions that ask you to identify a subject-verb pair separated by a prepositional phrase?  You’ll get worksheets just focusing on this concept.  This level of detail and proprietary software-driven customization is unmatched in the ACT prep industry.  Be sure to include our Instant Access study plan to see all these benefits!

We use 9 real ACT tests

Olympia Prep has always made the commitment to use only real ACT tests in our courses.  Rather than simulated tests drawn up by company curriculum writers, we pay for the use of real ACT tests for every one of the 4 proctored exams available in an ACT course.  The rest of those 9 exams are used for further class instruction and practice.  After seeing all these real tests, students often get tricked into not worrying too much on the real test day because it just feels like another practice test.  Or perhaps they’ve learned how to read the ACT test-makers’ minds (it can’t be that hard – they’re boringly predictable).

More than a tutor – you get a team

To ensure success for every student, we offer several layers of defense.  Every single one of our tutors has proven their success at raising scores, but sometimes more than one private tutor is needed.  Our local Head Instructors and Experienced Area Managers all stand ready to add extra adjustments for your student.  We track improvement meticulously and are ready to collectively make the adjustments you need to be successful.