Why Olympia Prep

Preparing for the ACT isn’t easy. To many students and parents, it can be downright overwhelming. As students who have recently had to survive this test, we know just how much pressure there is when you walk into that ACT testing room. But we also know the value of practice in calming those nerves. Even though all of Olympia Prep’s instructors have scored a 32 or higher on the test, none of these instructors received their best score without practice. In fact, some of us took the ACT 11 or more times before reaching our goal score. We have learned a lot about taking this test and preparing for it. We have put together our best strategies and preparation techniques to give every Olympia Prep student the best chance of success. After practicing with us and sitting a minimum of 4 proctored, real ACT exams, you too will feel like you should teach others your tricks. In fact, maybe we’ll hire you.

Olympia Prep instructors have taught hundreds of students with an average improvement of over 4 points on composite scores from our Graduates. Unlike others, we guarantee our improvements. Explore the navigation bar above to learn more about why Olympia Prep is different and how it can help you get the score you want on the ACT.