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The fact that you are on this website shows that you understand that the ACT is important! But it may surprise you just how much:
Your ACT score is now one of the most important parts of your college application, if not the most important. In addition, most scholarships in the area are determined primarily by ACT score.
To put the significance of an ACT score in context, consider the other number that is important for college applications and scholarships:  your high school GPA. Everyone understands how important it is to get a good GPA.  The irony is that while most students and parents are willing to put in over 5,000 of hours of work over 4 years toward getting a good GPA, most students take the ACT with 0 hours of preparation.  I think you already see where we’re going with this, but just consider:  between your GPA and your ACT, where do you think your time is best spent to beat out the competition?  You leave high school with two incredibly important numbers, a GPA and an ACT score – one of them you spent 5,000 hours on and the other you’re ok with spending zero hours on?  Not us!
Imagine that your student skipped school for 4 weeks during our ACT Academy and got a 0% on every assignment at school during that period of time.  The data tells us that if they improve their ACT score by merely 1 point during that time, it would be a better use of their 4 weeks than if they had attended school.  Now, we are not advocating for skipping 4 weeks of school but we ARE showing you the silly logic behind skipping out on ACT prep because of a busy school schedule.  Think about it.

This is one of the most important questions to ask, so thank you for taking the time to ponder the very question that was the catalyst for creating Olympia Prep.

Depending on your perspective, Olympia Prep could be considered expensive or relatively cheap.  The difference between the two is an understanding of what it takes to be a test preparation program that actually WORKS.  Buying Olympia Prep’s services is not like spending $200,000 on a sports car and money is no object for you.  Buying Olympia Prep’s services is like buying a car that actually works rather than one that may not actually always work.  Like you, we appreciate VALUE.  We believe this will be the greatest investment you ever make – potentially paying back tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money and hundreds of thousands of dollars in career salary trajectory based your student’s higher education path, which is often dictated so strongly by this test.

Ultimately what you want are RESULTS.  You need a car that you know will actually work.  And work really well.  Our program contains resources unlike any other and commits the hours needed to actually get results.  And we put our money where our mouth is with our money-back guarantee on your results.

If it was possible to achieve the results we are able to get in half the time and charge half the price, believe that we would do it that way instead.  Do not be fooled into thinking that the one week “crash course/ boot camp” could possibly be as effective.  With Olympia Prep, nothing is left to chance.  Every student receives private tutoring.  Every student takes 4 tests and completes more than 40 hours of ACT preparation created and improved methodically over nearly a decade of successful ACT preparation.  Every student will have a detailed proprietary software breakdown of their test and will be given 4 free months of tutoring with over 6,000 questions of ACT curriculum built specifically for their individual strengths and weaknesses (we use your test data to create your own curriculum).  We use data alongside our unique formula for success to bring you a preparation experience that we have down to a science at this point.  You WILL get results.  From the outside looking in, we understand that it can be difficult to appreciate the VALUE our customers can appreciate after completing our program.  But, have faith that you are getting invested in something that WORKS and your success is based not on hope and simple exposure to the test, but on data, propriety proven formulas for success, and a track record to bolster our lofty claims.  Welcome to Olympia Prep! 

It’s actually never too early to take the ACT, and the test does not limit based on age.  You could take it in elementary school!  However, we suggest that late sophomore year or early junior year is a great time to get started. If you wait longer than that, sometimes the anticipation of the test can just make the nerves worse! It’s better to become familiar with the test when there isn’t much pressure.

We certainly understand why people want to do this.  Getting a fresh look at the test before investing a lot of time in preparation seems appealing.  Unfortunately, we do not recommend this path.  Why?  Consider what happens with that “cold” first test comes back and the results are terrible.  Students develop a complex, an even deeper fear of the test.  They come to Olympia Prep looking for elite ACT Preparation but at that point they don’t even want to think about the test anymore.  They already have the negative emotions and a reluctance to fully invest in their preparation.  Conversely, entering the test with confidence breeds consistent success.

The short answer:  Our instructors and most successful students have taken the test 4 or more times. For you, it will depend on your goal score and how hard you work at it!
Why take it so many times?  The reason the ACT is beatable is that it hardly changes from test date to test date! If you never study, there’s no guarantee you will go up each time, but the proctored exams in each Olympia Prep course or tutoring program come with feedback and tips for improvement. If you’re looking to study on your own, make sure you take the time to get whatever help you can on the things you don’t know or you will likely make the same mistakes again!

YES! Even if you don’t think you will need it, it makes you look like a high-caliber student! Top schools require it and top students take it. If you really, really think you don’t need it, feel free to call us and we can double check for you.

Yes for some students, no for others. While usually students do about as well in each test, occasionally a student will dominate one test and not the other. Obviously, you should simply stick with the better test in that scenario.
For most students, we find that the ACT is the easier test to beat with preparation. The SAT aims to be an aptitude test, asking difficult questions that students often perceive as trying to trick them. The ACT is a bit more straightforward. However, it has very limited time and a good pacing strategy is a must.
The problem with having these two tests to pick from is that often students will spend endless time preparing for both, when it is much better to pick one and stick with it.

Our main focus is the ACT.  Our incredible results are due in part to exclusive focus on this one test  – the most popular test with high school students and the most widely accepted college admissions test in the nation.
However, we do run custom for students looking for National Merit Scholarships, which includes SAT and PSAT preparation.  Please contact us with interest in this exclusive offering!

Currently, Olympia Prep offers ACT preparation services across all of America.  We have local events running regularly in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Tulsa, Tyler (Texas), Wichita, and Denver.  Please email us with interest if you are not from one of these cities because we can set up a custom event for you in your location.

Since classes are capped at 12 students, you will never have to share your instructor with more than 11 people. Sometimes, additional instructors assist with classes, providing even more personal attention.

Yes. Please contact us about your needs.

Our ACT Academy can be scheduled in any city in America for a custom group.  We currently offer regular Academies in a few cities in which you can register without having a group together.
ACT Prep in OKC – ACT Prep in Oklahoma City
ACT Prep in Kansas City
ACT Prep in Tyler, Tx

Our ACT Academy is scheduled so that there is always one day of making up any missed classes.  We expect there to be some schedule conflicts and so will staff this special “make-up” session with the appropriate instructors for the subject you missed.  If you cannot make this scheduled day, we can set a different day for the make-up class.

You are guaranteed you reach your dream score – our promise to never quit until you get there.  We will never give up before you, but if you do give up you would still be eligible for our score-improvement-or-your-money-back Olympia Prep Guarantee, which offers a full money-back refund for our graduates that don’t improve and don’t have the time or energy to stick with our program.

Click the Details and Registration button at the top right of the website Navigation bar.  We do all registrations through our website – no cash or checks please.