The Best Instructors

Locally Grown

The Olympia Prep programs are different because they are built upon mentorship by some of the most outstanding young scholars in the country.   We pick the most exceptional local talent to teach our courses and connect with students; every Olympia Prep instructor has scored in the top 1% of all ACT test-takers.  They have been hand picked to return to their communities and pass on their own experiences in beating the ACT and succeeding in college.



Motivation Beyond a Score

Over time, we have discovered that the real trick to beating the ACT isn’t a strategy you can find in a book.  The trick is whether or not you can motivate high school students to become passionate about standardized tests and academics in general.  Our young, enthusiastic instructors have been successful in motivating students in a way that your average teacher or counselor could never do.  Olympia prep instructors continue to provide mentorship and guidance long after their test prep course is over.  The journey through higher education can be a daunting one.  There’s no greater support for the challenge than that given by someone who has recently succeeded at the task and wants to motivate others to follow in their footsteps.