Results and Testimonials

It’s one thing for us to tell you how Olympia Prep is improving scores, but another thing entirely to hear it from the people that really matter: our customers!  Below are words from a tiny fraction of our fantastic students’ great success stories.


You’re not going to believe our results

“I improved so much that the ACT had to investigate if I had cheated.  Maybe using Olympia Prep should be considered cheating because I felt like I had a serious advantage.

-Olivia Grantham, Raymore Peculiar Senior (ACT: 19 to a 27)

Return on Investment

“Thank you so much Karl!!! My scholarships just went up to $36,000!!”

-Elaine Williams, Shawnee Mission Schools (she scored above a 32 with Olympia Prep’s team after 3 previously failed attempts to do so with other prep services)

7 life-changing points!

“I didn’t think I would be able to go to college before this class.  I came in with a 17 on my ACT and came out with a 24!  My instructor really made sure I understood everything… and it resulted in the score I needed to take the next step!”

-Madi Pipkin, DC Senior (accepted to OU and later to the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

23 to a 30 in two weeks

“Is this real life???”

– Daisy Morris (Shawnee Mission NW) after improving from a 23 to a 30 on her real ACT composite after just two weeks with Olympia Prep.

Moms love scholarship money

“I know Max appreciated working with someone who was close to his age and had taken the ACT not so long ago himself.  I’m happy to report that Max was able to increase his score to a 32 (he even got a 35 in one area) and is now qualified for full-tuition at two of his top choice schools.

-Michelle Peterson (mother of Max Peterson, Casady senior)

29 to a 36 as a Freshman

“I highly recommend Olympia Prep – Olympia Prep’s courses helped me to increase my ACT score from a 29 on my first test before the course to a [perfect] 36 on the real ACT.  Karl’s classes help to teach not only what will appear on the ACT, but also strategies to approach the ACT’s strict time restraints, overwhelming Science passages, and sheer length.  His classes cater to all levels of students, whether they’re trying to increase their score by a few points or they’re going for a top percentile score. Olympia Prep truly is the vanguard of ACT preparation.”

-Omar Khan, Deer Creek HS freshman

It’s not you – it’s the prep you’ve been doing!

“Our daughter took Karl’s Olympia Prep ACT Academy. She had taken another prep course but had seen little progress on her ACT results. After Olympia Prep, my daughter’s confidence level was sky high. She increased her score by 5 points to get over that 30 hump!  Olympia Prep’s class made the difference! “

-Caroline Hendee, mother of Caitlin Hendee, Casady High School

Ready to give up?  Give us a shot

“When I first started tutoring with Olympia Prep, I’d received a 29 three times in a row and I was just about ready to give up on the ACT altogether – not to mention half the schools I wanted to apply to. But, Olympia Prep helped me with my trouble areas and really helped me to understand the concepts, not just the right answers. Now, I’m finally over that 30 hump and I couldn’t be happier!”

-Olivia Panchal, Heritage Hall High School

The last ACT prep class you’ll ever have to take!

“Out of the many prep courses I’ve had, my class with Olympia Prep has been the best! I jumped 5 composite points!

-Ben Heigle, Deer Creek High School

Get the results!

After taking Olympia Prep, my second ACT score shot up nearly 10 points. I was able to attend the University I have always wanted, and it would not have been possible without Olympia Prep.

-Caleb Saxton

Top Scores:  Our Specialty


32 to a 35

“I came in worried about whether or not it was going to be worth it because I figured there wasn’t really a bunch of things I needed to work on. The prep class helped me freshen up on the basics and the one-on-one tutoring really helped me by figuring out the specific things I wasn’t getting and figuring out a way to perfect those. It helped me to see my full potential in the ACT, so now I’m not just settling for a pretty good score, I’m striving for a REALLY good score!!”

-Morgan Foley, Mt. St. Mary’s (32 before the course.  35 after the course)


“I didn’t think I could get much higher on the ACT until I took this course.”

– Corbin A., Midwest City High School (improved from a 29 to a 34)

“Olympia Prep helped me improve my score significantly in a short period of time – something I couldn’t have done without them! I recommend their tutors to all my friends. Thanks to them, I’m going to my first choice college!”

-Carly Mirable, Casady School

28 to 34 doesn’t happen by accident

“I am very pleased with the results I have received due to taking courses from Olympia Prep. The ACT academy helped me to raise my score from a 28 to a 32, and further private tutoring sessions helped me to reach my goal score of a 34. The program approaches the ACT differently than any other ACT preparatory program, which I believe can help any type of student. I attribute my success on the ACT to Olympia Prep and would recommend this program to anyone!”

-Julian Thomason, Casady School (improved from a 28 to a 34)

The greatest thing your parents ever talked you into 

“At first I was skeptical of whether or not I wanted to enroll in Olympia Prep. The previous prep classes I had taken just threw practice tests at me with no tips or strategies, and I feared Olympia Prep would be the same. However, Olympia Prep was very different. Not only did my instructor teach me strategies for how to tackle the math and science sections (my worst subjects), he also spent lots of time going through practice tests WITH ME, and pointing out the mistakes I was making. On my next ACT, I used my new strategies and raised my composite score by 2 points and my science score by 7 points in two weeks of tutoring. I’m VERY happy with my results, and because of Olympia Prep I am now a competitive college applicant that stands out from the crowd. Olympia Prep is a unique and successful program that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see real results on the ACT.”

Lindsay Davis, Blue Valley HS – 33

“The best there is”

“At first, I was reluctant to do this ACT prep. I had done another prep company, and I had taken the test 4 times before and only improved one or two points. However, the practice I did in this program and the tips that were given to me gave me a new perspective on the test. I ended up increasing my original score by five points to get a 32. This program truly is the best there is because it gave me the tools I needed to succeed and provided a way of looking at the ACT that wasn’t boring.”

Maddie Davis, Blue Valley HS- 32

34 on the first try!

“Had I not gone through the class I definitely would have been below that 34  for this first official test, I didn’t feel thrown off by the testing environment and I was confident so thank you!”

-Maddie Posz, Blue Valley North Jr

Sounds like a good test day to us (it was)

“I just want to say thank you for the course and everything you put together. I felt very prepared and confident this morning during the ACT. I put every skill I was taught to use and my time was perfect, math equations came to my head, I was engaged in the reading passages. My watch was spot on the time. Everything went perfect. Thank you

-Abbie Wilkerson, Edmond North Sr

“I really recommend this course. I feel like it has helped me a lot with not only what I learned but also in my confidence in taking this test.”

-Ty Lopez, Casady High School

We’re never the first ones to give up – keep working with us for free

“Olympia Prep has been a great experience for me.  It has taught me not only how to answer the questions, but also how to manage my time.  Going into this program I had a score of 21.  I took the ACT again and scored a 23.  I took the ACT again and scored a 27.  Altogether Olympia Prep has helped increase my score 6 points in 6 months!”

-Junior Sarah Post, Deer Creek Schools

Olympia Prep’s program and philosophy are able to produce great results and I would completely recommend the service to students to help out their ACT score. The service also offers something that is a rarity in ACT classes: flexibility. From experience, I understand that high school students can have sporadic schedules. Karl and his instructing team make sure that students receive their allotted tutoring and class time whatever their schedule. To me, Olympia provides a philosophy, class structure, and instructing team that are unique in the world of college entrance exam prep and are highly compatible with high school students.”

-Clay Jarzombek (former student who raised his score to a 33 and later became an instructor for Olympia Prep!)

“I have taken other classes before and this one differed so much because instead of teaching just test strategies it actually taught you the curriculum you needed to know

Which Is why I think it helped my science jump 13 points [to a 36]”

-Miah Lingelbach Edmond Memorial HS

Olympia Prep provided me with meticulous instructors well-trained to help me improve my individual score. I’ve found no other course as keen on teaching both the big picture facts as well as the specific details needed to help me achieve my goal score. This class is an all-encompassing, all-level course which prioritizes your personal needs and truly aims to help you succeed.

-Rachel Funderburk, Edmond North HS



Do you want us to keep going?  Is this starting to get “braggy”?  The students deserve the ultimate credit and we simply are proud to offer the resources and experience to churn out hundreds of additional stories like these through their efforts.  Let’s make your story the next one.