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Let’s get straight to the point.  You want confidence that this will be a success.  So borrow some of our confidence:  complete our full program and improve your score or get back 110% of your money.  A lot of ACT prep programs look the same from the outside looking in but you won’t find this guarantee elsewhere and there’s a reason.

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Why Prep for the ACT at all?

Things sure have changed quickly regarding the ACT test.  If you have a child who is a student in high school, you probably remember the ACT as something you took just once with no prep (and probably after a late night of Friday evening festivities).

With millions of students submitting ACT scores for scholarships and admissions to college, the competition is fierce and only getting worse.  Students around the nation often start private tutoring for the ACT in middle school.  And then they apply for the same scholarships and admissions spots as you using their ACT score.  Seems fair right?  So how about we do something a little more efficient than that but with even better results?  If it sounds like we’re reading your mind, please read what we’re doing in Austin for ACT success!

What is the right ACT prep program for you?

We know this process of finding the right ACT prep is challenging – how are you supposed to know the good from the bad?  Perhaps you’ve heard conflicting things from friends about different programs and you need help sorting through the muck.  When creating Olympia Prep’s programs, we built everything to address a few key questions we had ourselves back when it was our turn to take the ACT and needed help as well.  Make sure you ask these questions everywhere you look.  We’ve included our answers if you click on the questions below:  if you like our philosophy, please consider being a part of our ACT prep family – if you find a program elsewhere that has answers you like more than ours, we urge you to go with that program.  But we think these are the important ones to ask no matter where you go!

Wow great question.  This is kind of the big one isn’t it?  We guarantee your improvement and put our money where our mouth is – up to 110% of your money back.  We can do this because our results are at the top of the prep industry – in fact our average student improvement is 7 times the prep industry average.  We humbly present a teeny snapshot of our results and testimonials: we have produced tens of millions of dollars in scholarships earned, admissions to top programs around the world, numerous perfect scores, and a six-fold increase in 30+ scores compared to how many arrived at Olympia Prep with a 30+.

Our philosophy ultimately is to expect the best and prepare for the worst.  Most of our students reach their goal score in a 3-weekend Academy or tutoring package.  However, our program provides new tests, new custom curriculum, and a plan of attack that covers at least 3 national ACT test dates.  While most people are only looking to prep for one ACT, we do it this way to ensure your success isn’t the thing that’s variable – the length of time it takes to achieve your best score will vary per student, but this flexibility is all included in our original plan! (

The answer we got back in high school was too often “you can come back to the class again.”  But you already took the class and didn’t go up so why would you do the same thing again?  After our first go, our plan is exactly the same whether your score shoots up or stays the same – how can we go higher?  Our program adjusts to you at every step of the process.  We use our proprietary software to analyze your results on the ACT test, grouping missed questions into 150 distinct functional content areas.  We rank these based on the number of questions missed in that area and the ease of perfecting that area of the test.  You then get a roadmap that shows you the quickest possible improvement on the ACT and exactly how to do it – backed with custom curriculum and practice questions created just for you for each functional content area, private tutoring every single week to ensure your success, and new additional practice tests proctored, timed, and graded in exactly the ACT format (up to 18 of these mock-testing opportunities).

Still with us? That all sounded really complicated, right?  Well, it is for us but not for you.  Just kick up your feet and enjoy watching us go to work.  We’ve turned this process into a science and from your perspective, you only need to follow our lead and watch the incredible things your student can achieve.

Our answer:  Yes, yes, yes. This is not one-size-fits-all.  You will have your own private instructor.  You will have your own curriculum based on your software analysis.  You will have an entire team trained to help every type of student, even trained how to handle the most infrequent scenarios.  Our plan for you is that we have a Plan A, B, and C all ready to go depending on how well you’re doing in our program.  We just call the whole process Plan A.

Our answer:  If you prep with a large test prep company in the country, you will be given tests they made themselves that approximate the ACT.  This saves them money.  But then how do you know it’s the real deal?  (It’s not).  Your practice results will always need an asterisk by them.  We pay for tests straight from ACT.  We pay to proctor and grade them and run them through our software.  It’s not easy doing it this way, but it’s the right way and it’s what you deserve.

Our response:  The worst ACT prep is the kind that promises “tricks” to beat the ACT in 7 steps and 60 minutes.  Hopefully you know better – sounds a lot like a get-rich-quick scheme but for test prep.  Slightly better prep (but still not good enough) is the kind that promises to provide the content and skills necessary for a quick improvement.  What we promise is this plus so much more: the content and skills necessary for your best score, systematically delivered based on the frequency of the tested content and the ease of perfecting it, with additional curriculum created just for you based on your individual needs.  We tailor this at every step, utilizing the knowledge and experience of your own private instructor and proprietary software analysis to guide you on the fastest path to success.

Our response:  We are our instructors – the very best local talent empowered through resources, training, data, and passion at Olympia Prep.  This complex and valuable way of prepping would not be possible without the best minds in the world on the job.  We only hire instructors who have scored in the top 1% in the world on the ACT themselves, with an average instructor score between 34 and 35.  We rigorously train them through our proprietary system of creating fantastic results for every type of student before they ever work at Olympia Prep.  We only hire instructors with a burning passion for ACT prep because they have seen how one little number has changed their own lives forever.  We only hire instructors who are willing to say “I wish I had Olympia Prep when I was in high school.”  In fact, some of our instructors DID have Olympia Prep in high school and became a top-one-percent instructor for Olympia Prep.

Our instructors are trained to handle all student types.  While our system has guaranteed results for all types of students, our instructors are the ones who bring it to life.  As you hunt for your best ACT prep, it’s important to have an instructor that meets some critical criteria: resources, extensive training specifically on how to beat the ACT (just general teacher training isn’t good enough!), unparalleled knowledge of the test and how to beat it, an ability to solve even the most complex problems on the test, an understanding of the psychological challenges of the ACT test and how to overcome them, and results to prove efficacy.

Look for these qualities everywhere you consider prepping and know that at Olympia Prep, we are doing this vetting process for you – and we’re incredibly picky because we know that our future and yours both depend on Olympia Prep getting this right for you.

Our Programs

You don’t need to be rich or a genius to work with Olympia Prep.  You just need to care about your future as much as we do!  We’ve created 3 unique options for ACT prep in Austin that will get you the best ACT preparation for any budget.

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