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Register with a friend to each get $200 off.  That’s right – $400 of savings.  Contact us via email or phone to receive your custom coupon.  It will work twice and work for 7 days.  You will still complete all your tutoring hours one-on-one.  This is simply a registration incentive.

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Product Description


This is it.  The very best of Olympia Prep.  If you want to turn us loose to be the very best we can be and help your student achieve their very best ACT test score, you’ve come to EXACTLY the right place.

This program provides:

  • In-person practice ACT tests:  18+ opportunities with real ACT tests created by ACT, Inc. (the same people who make the national test!).  No imitations, only the real experience.
  • 24 total private tutoring hours
  • 12 scheduled in-person tutoring hours | 12 instant access tutoring hours
  • Olympia Prep’s only option for in-person private instruction
  • Curriculum, homework, and study plans built for you based on your student’s software analysis of results, instructor’s analysis of needs, frequency of each question type on the test, and speed of perfecting each functional content area.  Results often come very quickly because of this emphasis on YOUR needs.
  • Guaranteed results


We hold back our very best instructors for this.  For an instructor at Olympia Prep to receive a private tutoring package student, he or she must prove their caliber as one of the very best of an already-elite group of instructors.   This means consistent success with students in the past: high score improvements, high student ratings, and hundreds or even thousands of hours of tutoring experience.

In most situations, this instructor will be working exclusively with one student at a time and is always compensated by Olympia Prep directly based upon your results.  This creates a true partner in your success – a talented and focused one!

How we schedule
While we are willing to adjust based on individual needs, we have a particular way of running this program, which has proven most effective in the past.  It goes like this:

  1.  Registration
  2.  Within 7 days, your private superstar instructor will contact with you and your first in-  person private tutoring session is scheduled.
  3.  Meet one time every week at the same day and time each meeting.  Meet for 2 hours  each session, meaning you should complete your tutoring program in 6 weeks of  consecutive meetings.  For example:  Meet 6 Sundays in a row for 2 hours each session.
  4.  Destroy the ACT
  5.  Continued access to instant access tutoring as well as all in-person tests and courses to  keep going if you’re not at a 36 yet.

Please note that you should not stockpile in-person hours for a future test.  You will have access to your instant-access tutoring for 6 months and need to complete your in-person sessions in sequence for best results.

Complete this full program to be eligible for our 110% money-back guarantee.  This means 9+ tests and 20+ hours of tutoring completed.  This program is not affiliated with nor in any way endorsed by ACT, Inc.  See our full terms and conditions.