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Monthly Access | LA

$59.00 on the 1st of each month for 12 months and a $40.00 sign-up fee

^This is a subscription, NOT a payment plan.  You can end your access at any time for any reason with no cancelation fees or additional cost.

Online tutoring access, complete curriculum and content access, and in-person practice tests for the cost-conscious parent that is unwilling to compromise on ACT prep quality for their student.

First payment: August 1, 2020



This is your guaranteed path to ACT success at an incredible price.  Our Monthly Access Program is an ongoing access plan that gives your student up to a year of access to in-person practice exams, online private tutoring, and custom curriculum.  You may end your enrollment at any point for any reason.  Hop off once you get that goal score!  No cancelation fee or hidden overage fees – we have packed a lot of value into a low monthly price that will never increase!

As soon as you enroll, we will contact you and pair you with your own private instructor.  This one-on-one mentor will guide you and your student through the process of getting the most out of this program!  While they will remain available throughout the program, they will only directly schedule your first private tutoring session.  For a paired instructor through your entire ACT prep journey, please see our Private Tutoring Package.  Once you register, you should expect to hear from your student’s instructor and have your first session scheduled within 7 days.

Below you will find the in-person testing schedule in the metro area – we will send exact location details to customers.  Plan to attend any and all of these for as long as you are enrolled in the program!

Upgrade to Accelerated Monthly Access to get 3 months of tutoring packed into one month or less and jump start your improvement.

Program Highlights

  • Access to 18 or more in-person ACT practice exam dates:  timed, proctored, and graded under standard testing conditions.  This will feature only real ACT tests – no imitations – to provide valuable testing experience of exactly what your student can expect on test day.
  • A paired private Olympia Prep instructor to start you strong!
  • Olympia Prep’s entire curriculum of strategies and tested functional content areas.
  • Software analysis of your test results and customized study plan based on your needs
  • The most convenient private tutoring in the world with a usage plan your student will ACTUALLY use and enjoy:  120 minutes of tutoring with Olympia Prep instant-access instructors each month.  Our proprietary system lets your student connect with a tutor from their smart phone or computer in a video call without any advanced scheduling, driving, or planning.
  • 6 printed practice tests for the test dates listed below (additional digital tests available).  Upgrade to the Academy or Private Tutoring to receive more.
  • No overage charges EVER!
  • Guaranteed results



As an ongoing enrollment, this is usually not intended to be preparation for just one ACT test in 2 or 3 weeks of prep.  If you want more intensive prep spanning a few weeks or less, please consider registering in our ACT Academy or Private Tutoring.  While this Monthly Access Program could produce results for motivated students in one month of access or less, it is not our expected plan of action.

We have built our money-back guarantees around our knowledge of how long it usually takes students to see significant improvement.  Use our guarantees to guide your timeline:

Guarantee* monthly access accelerated monthly access
100% back guarantee 6+ months 3+ months
110% back guarantee 10+ months 7+ months

*Guarantee estimates reflect a timeline based upon usage of all hours given free each month as well as attendance at all practice tests during the time period.