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12 Hours – Academic Tutoring Package | OKC


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$45 per hour!  Our best rate for private tutoring.

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Welcome to our best value in Academic tutoring!  This program is build completely around your needs, with your instructor always starting the process with a custom 30-minute assessment and content review session with your student.  Your private instructor will then build a custom tutoring plan and schedule.  This program entitles you to our Love Your Instructor Guarantee!  If you do not feel satisfied with your instructor after this first assessment, switch to another instructor free of charge and repeat the first session.



We’re very picky when it comes to our Academic tutoring instructors.   For an instructor at Olympia Prep to receive an Academic private tutoring package student, he or she must prove their caliber as one of the very best of an already-elite group of instructors.   This means consistent success with students in the past:  high student ratings and often hundreds or even thousands of hours of tutoring experience validating their high ratings.

In most situations, this instructor will be working exclusively with one student at a time and is always compensated based upon your results.  This creates a true partner in your success – a talented and focused one!


Here’s a step-by-step list of what to expect after you purchase this package:

  1. Registration
  2. Within 7 days, your private superstar instructor will contact with you and your first private tutoring session is scheduled.
  3. The first tutoring session is a 30 minute online assessment session.  The tutor will gain a  sense of your needs, will review any available materials such as upcoming homework,  tests, or projects, and create a customized tutoring plan and schedule in-person sessions.
  4. In-person sessions:  meet for five different 90 minute sessions and two 120 minute sessions.  Can schedule all at once or do one week at a time.
  5. Discounted access to additional tutoring hours, if needed, at the completion of this package.