The Best Value

Olympia Prep’s programs offer the most comprehensive and personalized test prep in the industry. With 25 hours of class-time with a top-notch instructor, 5 proctored ACT exams, and 4 hours of private tutoring on top of that, your student will graduate an Olympia Prep course feeling like a master of the ACT.  Since course enrollment is limited to 12 students or less, each student will benefit from an intimate classroom setting.  Each of these limited spots is filled with students of similar levels of knowledge, so your student can enjoy a class customized to his or her level of expertise.

We invite you to compare Olympia Prep’s program with some programs of competitors*.


Olympia Prep ACT Course

Revolution Prep (“Ivy Insiders”) Hybrid Class

Kaplan “College Prep Advantage”

Princeton Review “Small Group Course”






ACT in-person instructional hours

25 hours

22 hours

18 hours

24 hours

Private tutoring hours included

4 hours

4 hours

0 hours

0 hours

Number of REAL ACT tests used

8 real tests

0 real tests

0 real tests

0 real tests

* based on information taken from Revolution Prep’s website (2/25/12), Princeton Review’s website (2/25/12), and Kaplan’s website (2/25/12).  Data does not include promotional discounts or additional resources these classes may include.