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Scholarship Hunting Service | Tulsa


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Come work with us to secure part of the $123 billion dollars awarded every year to incoming college students.  This program is build completely around your needs, with your instructor always starting the process with a custom 30-minute assessment and strategy session with your student.  Your private mentor will then build a custom application plan and schedule to fit your needs.  This program entitles you to our Love Your Mentor Guarantee!  If you do not feel satisfied with your mentor after this first assessment, switch to another one free of charge and repeat the first session.



We’re very picky when it comes to our Scholarship Hunting Mentors.   We source our mentors from individuals who have a proven record of success securing scholarship dollars for themselves and for others.  We will search millions of sources of scholarship dollars on your behalf:  federal government, local government, universities, military, private individuals, community groups, local government, religious groups, special interest groups, not-for-profits, businesses, and other often-missed sources of funding for your education.

We build the service around you.  Scholarships are tailored to every different type of applicants seeking money, and we will find the ones best suited to you.  We will help you build a narrative that is strong and compelling, and then help you deliver this narrative to each scholarship source.  This means brainstorming essays and question responses and editing student essays to produce the strongest possible scholarship application.



Here’s a step-by-step list of what to expect after you purchase this package:

  1. Registration
  2. Within 1-2 business days, you’ll be welcomed by our team!
  3. Within 7 days, your private superstar mentor will contact with you and your first private session is scheduled.
  4. The first tutoring session is a 30 minute online assessment session.  The tutor will gain a  sense of your student’s best scholarship narrative and will begin pairing you with appropriate scholarships.
  5. Follow Up sessions:  meet for six different 60-minute sessions.  Can schedule all at once or do one week at a time.  Recommendation is to do one session every other week via live online video conference, with all 6 hours completed within 3 months.
  6. Discounted access to additional scholarship hunting hours, if needed, at the completion of this package.